Andrew Heffernan kept fighting against himself. He knew he wasn’t quite right, but for seven months he couldn’t bring himself to walk away from his dream.

Minor things like sitting in the back of the car or staring at a screen for too long would leave him in searing pain. Finally, aged just 23, he gave in and made the “terribly hard” decision to hang up the boots.

No longer able to get the best out of himself on the football field, Heffernan turned his attention to getting the best out of other elite athletes.

Heffernan linked up with speed guru Roger Fabri to bring the Speed & Agility Academy to Canberra with the pair planning a workshop open day for kids and aspiring athletes on December 2.

Fabri is an ideal candidate to help Heffernan settle into life after football.

Originally Posted SMH october 20, 2018
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