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women in sport

At the Speed Academy we’ve helped our women win awards nationally. We tailor the program to suit athletics or sport and it produces the greatest results. We are very proud to help our ladies get the respect they deserve.



Ramjet Track Club is our elite track program. The squad is filled with youth and veteran athletes of both genders, all of them are focused on straight line speed, whether it be on track or sand. The squad has won the last 8 NSW Athletic  League premierships. This is our flagship squad. 



Sub 11 refers to running sub 11 seconds over 100m. The squad started off modestly with 3 athletes and has now grown into our elite squad for field or court athletes. It’s focus is to make you faster and more agile player. Its programs roots are in athletics but modified for field sports. The elite of all sports train in this squad. It is the most popular field or court players speed squad in Australia.


one on one or groups

PRivate coaching

All the coaches have been brought through the Roger Fabri Speed Academy athletics system. Our coaches not only coach the program they all participate in the program. We believe this what sets our coaches apart. Whilst we have a very young team all of them have over 5 years experience as an athlete and have only ever been exposed to the Academys philosophies.

Junior Squads

Junior Speed Academy

The Junior Speed Academy caters for children of primary school ages and runs for 10 weeks within the school terms. We teach educated sprint mechanics so your child can be the fastest they can be on the track or on the field. This is for parents who don’t just want their kids to run from A to B but be taught the correct way to run fast in an environment that’s fun and safe. Rogers Academy prides itself on a firm but fun and inclusive culture which will be instilled into the Juniors. Junior Academy is open to children ages 6 to 12 years old.

Sessions are 4:30pm-5:15pm Fridays at Rowland Park, Pagewood.


online Programs

instructional series part 1: Drills

We have put together an instructional series. These drills are the most world wide drills done for speed, but you will see so many different interperatations. Following these is the compulsory pathway to speed success – yes its only half the equation but without them your still at the beginning.

online Programs

instructional series part 2: acceleration

Coaches Roger and Jack talk about the importance of acceleration and how to best perform it on the field and on the track. They provide practical examples; give drills and tools that can be applied to your own training and coaching that will not only improve the speed of your acceleration, but your ability to repeat those high speed accelerations in game. Roger and Jack also talk about some of their experiences in coaching acceleration and what has worked for them in certain scenarios.
Series 2: Acceleration will equip you with the knowledge and tools to effectively improve the acceleration of your athletes.

online Programs

instructional series part 3:

fly speed 

Coaches Roger, Jack and Emily talk about the role of fly speed and where it fits into a race or in sport.  It’s often referred to as the middle part of a race or after you’ve “made a break” on the field. They will take you through the technical aspects and how to improve this component of your speed. 

Series 3: Fly Speed is the next link in maintaining that speed you’ve built with the Drills and Acceleration Series.