To truly appreciate what Hayne did in that game and what he’s trying to do going forward, you have to understand a little more about his journey and the intricate adjustments needed to make the rugby-to-football leap.

Hayne had been using his blend of power and speed to excel in an environment that demanded a wide range of skills. In athletic parlance—the language fluently spoken by Hayne’s speed and multidirectional movement coach, Roger Fabri—rugby is a sport that stresses generalization.

Being exceedingly good at only one aspect of the game is, well, less than ideal.

“In our program here in Australia, we train very much with generalization because the athlete here has to not only perform offense, but he also plays defense and also kicks, passes and tackles,” Fabri told Bleacher Report during a phone conversation. “There are so many aspects of the game.”

Originally Published Bleecher Report
22 August 2015
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