Has there ever been a more highly anticipated comeback match than Jarryd Hayne’s return to rugby league on Sunday afternoon?

In all likelihood, the Gold Coast stadium will be full when Hayne runs out with his teammates to take on the New Zealand Warriors. Some narks will argue that this match was probably going to pull a decent crowd anyway, given the current form of the Titans, the importance of the match and the healthy support in the area from expat Kiwis.

Yes, yes, yes, all of this is true. But rest assured if there wasn’t one ticket sold for this match before Hayne’s contract announcement, then I guarantee you every last ticket would have been sold to watch this Sunday afternoon event.

For the past seven years Hayne has trained privately with the best speed coach in the country, Roger Fabri. Roger claims that Hayne has recently returned from his stint with the Fiji sevens team in the best aerobic and anaerobic shape he has seen him in.

His final comment on Hayne certainly got my attention. He said: “Jarryd has always put in when he has trained with me, but his last three sessions have been ridiculous. He is the best I’ve ever seen him.”

Wow! Look out, everyone, the Hayne Plane could be ready to soar in our game again.

Originally Published The North West Star
By Phil Gould
August 6, 2016
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