Gavin and Kasey Badger have already refereed together. So who took the lead when the whistleblowing couple officiated last year’s encounter between Thailand and the Philippines? “That would be him!” Kasey chuckled. “He’s much more experienced, I would be silly to take the lead.” Gavin added: “She’s saying that but if I disagree with her I’m in trouble.” Kasey is aiming to be the first female – and part of the first couple – to referee an NRL game.

She isn’t putting any timeframe on the ambition – “I just want to solidify my spot in the 20s or NSW Cup and go from there” – but is doing everything possible to achieve the dream. To that end, the Badgers worked out under sprint guru Roger Fabri at Coogee during the week. “If you want to be the best you’ve got to seek out the best and Rog is probably the best in the country at what he does,” Gavin said.

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Original Posted: February 2, 2014
Sydney Morning Herald