Speed & Agility Academy had the privilege of developing athletes from an array of sports including Rugby League, Rugby Union, Basketball, Soccer (Football) and Athletics.

Coaches Ben and Shaun emphasized the importance of technical execution to achieve efficiency and control to produce speed:

  • Introducing and executing sprint and speed specific drills
  • Technical running to achieve optimum biomechanical sprinting
  • Video analysis and feedback on each athlete‚Äôs technical execution
  • Power development through plyometric jumps and medicine ball throws
  • Movement patterns through agility drills
  • Quick starts and accelerations over short distances (10-20m)

The aim of the workshop was to educate each athlete on how speed and agility can be achieved, with a goal of enabling improved performance and development.

Thank you to all athletes who participated in our Summer School Holiday Program at the Academy. We look forward to working with you in our next one!