The Academy will provide training for junior sports training athletes (12 to 18 years). They will be introduced to the fundamental movement skills of sprinting and learn transferable skills with basic agility movement patterns to enhance ability. This Workshop will benefit athletes entering the winter season Sports Program.

Anyone from individual to team-based sporting backgrounds is welcome to participate.

The Workshop will be conducted on Friday July 10th at Centennial Park, Sydney. The Coaches will provide feedback and correct running mechanics to improve sprinting, as well as basic to complex movement patterns that are age and skill appropriate to improve agility.

Sprint training will focus on improving the athlete’s ability to sprint powerfully, efficiently and effectively with sound technique.

Agility and Multi Directional Patterns are based on transitioning through technical execution, sprinting, agility drills, directional changes and repetitive movement patters for effective agility execution.

When Friday 10th July 2015
Where McKay Sports Ground, Centennial Park, NSW 2021
Time 9.00am to 12.00pm
Cost $60 pp p/session
Age 12 years to 18 years

Please note that numbers are strictly limited for the workshop.

Register your interest by 12pm Wednesday 8th July by emailing shaun@speedagilityacademy.comand the Academy will provide you with further Workshop details.